About ConnectMoi's High Speed Internet

ConnectMoi's high speed internet is delivered on Canada's fastest cable and DSL lines. Affordable internet plans, unlimited downloading, no contracts, no home phone required and exceptional service make it an easy choice for new customers to make the switch. With one of the largest coverage, ConnectMoi can serve customers in every province of Canada.

ConnectMoi is a new ISP branch of CompuXellence, a Montreal based IT firm which has been providing high speed internet connections to thousands of homes under its own name since 2003. Today, it serves all homes with same level of excellence, exclusively under the connectMoi trademark.


Do more with no limits

When you choose from ConnectMoi's many unlimited downloading plans, that means you can watch online movies, download music and play games as much you like without having to worry about extra fees. Do more with no limits.


Stay online longer

For a reliable connection, you can always trust connectMoi's high speed internet plans which work on Canada's stongest fiber optic lines.


Unlimited plans for all

If you're looking for affordable internet prices for a fast and reliable connection that includes unlimited downloading, look no further. We have plans that fit all budgets.


Choose the plan that's right for you

Whether you're a user with a need for speed or an obsessive downloader, you can find a personalized plan that fits all your needs. ConnectMoi's unlimited cable high speed internet has a no contract and no home phone required policy.


Small business and home offices

Along with our high speed internet connections, connectMoi also offers customized solutions tailored for businesses including ip phones and wireless network configurations.


To help you get connected sooner

ConnectMoi offers many online solutions to help you fix problems sooner, like a dedicated support team, internet speed test and FAQ's